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Giuseppe Giannoni was born in Sardinia in 1973.


Through his incessant thought, he sculpts the surrounding reality with unique mastery. Endowed with a chameleon-like spirit and a water sign, G. Giannoni paints with his fervent imagination among the famous rocks of Gallura, drawing inspiration for his first creation, the "crowd": intertwined, deep, powerful, and expressive gazes.

These gazes, characterized by profound reflection, accompany him over time, amidst the vibrant environments of Milan, London, and Barcelona, where he has experienced the glamorous worlds of fashion and entertainment. The gazes he captures are now metropolitan, multi-ethnic, the result of diverse observation. The dominant concept in his works is the "true sense of knowing how to look at the world," delving into the soul of every human being with a strong and decisive stroke, executed with chalk and acrylic.

Dubbed "the oblivious" for his ironic modesty regarding his artistic abilities, G. Giannoni is likened to the genius of an "Urban Artist," capable of blending irony and sweetness, anger and calm, positivity, courage, and fun. His style is lively, powerful, and internal, an abstract ready to explode, ranging from the use of simple pencils and pastels to the maximum expression of his mixed technique on large formats.

With his new collection "Dancing Little Men," Giuseppe Giannoni identifies himself in a style bordering on tradition and innovation, giving life to a line of drawings and prints inspired by Sardinian craftsmanship.

"With the hope that my Dancing Little Men bring you joy and happiness with their dances, I invite you all to take us by the hand and be Ambassadors of our ancient traditions" - Giuseppe Giannoni.


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